Below are some interactive programs I've written, tending toward physics simulations, math/geometry demos, and simple games.
I started out making Java applets in 2008, but security settings on most browsers won't let you run applets, so I switched to Javascript/HTML5 in 2014 to make programs that work on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
Video of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability from my fluid simulation Java applet (which is not fully converted to Javascript yet)

Javascript/HTML5 canvas programs

Image: Program: Description: Date of Creation:
Diffusion-limited aggregation Simulation of growth of clusters by particles undergoing random walks (Brownian motion) January 2021
Fluid Simulation (incomplete) Real-time and interactive 2D fluid simulation (currently just advects a fixed velocity field) May 2018
Pyraminx puzzle Solve a tetrahedron version of the Rubik's cube December 2017
Weighted Voronoi diagrams Generate additively-weighted Voronoi diagrams December 2015
Voronoi generator Generate Voronoi diagrams and overlay with images April 2018
Voronoi visualizations Visualize Voronoi diagrams in various ways February 2016
Voronoi game 2-player game of placing points to maximize area of Voronoi regions October 2015
Delaunay triangulation Calculate Delaunay triangulation for points placed in the plane October 2015
N-body simulator Add planets that gravitationally interact September 2014

Other projects

Strava plotting Python scripts for generating heat maps (single images or animations) of activities logged on Strava January 2022